Instructional Technologist PV

The Instructional Technologist PV coordinates and implements all phases of the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) for Instructor training programs at Palo Verde. Responsible for performance monitoring and trending of instructors, ensure application of proven principles of learning psychology and SAT to training program design, and provide support for accreditation activities.
Minimum Requirements:
High School diploma/GED plus six (6) years' experience in training or development of instructional staff and/or curriculum development positions. OR, a four year Bachelor's degree in Education, Curriculum Development, Instructional Technology or related discipline from a regionally accredited college or university plus four (4) years' experience in training or development of instructional staff and/or curriculum development positions.
Preferred Skills: Proficient ability in running SWMS queries, computer report generation, SharePoint development, Microsoft Excel and Access. Knowledge of Academy Document (ACAD) guidelines for training. Knowledge of the Systematic Approach to Training process. Knowledge of effective teaching techniques. Ability to solve instructional problems with peers and instructors.
Nuclear requirement: Any PVGS employee may be called upon to serve as a member of the Emergency Response Organization (ERO) and will be expected to fulfill their obligation as an ERO member. This is a condition of employment at PVGS. Roles and Responsibilities defined in Policy 1503 and implementing policy guide are applicable to all PVGS employees.
Any PVGS employee may be called upon to support a refueling or short-notice outage. This includes line roles and responsibilities as necessary to execute outage activities.
Major Accountabilities:
1) Ensures application of proven principles of learning psychology and SAT to training program design by:
Recognizing the strengths and limitations of various training methods
Providing advice on training methods appropriate to given learning objectives
Reviewing instructional designs to ensure their limitations do not adversely affect training
Verifying SAT principles are adhered to during training development and implementation
Verifying training materials are designed consistent with current adult learning theory
Researching and benchmarking learning methods and techniques
2) Conducts performance monitoring and trending of instructors by:
Performing instructor evaluations in all settings
Reviewing and analyzing management observations of training, instructor evaluations and student feedback
Reviewing and analyzing data trends, condition reports (CR), self-assessments for conditions adverse to quality
Identifying and reporting performance gaps. Formulating recommendations for training and non-training solutions for identified weaknesses
Developing executive level reports based on analysis data
3) Facilitates instructor training and qualification by:
Coordinating and implementing all phases of the SAT for accredited Instructor training programs which includes analyzing job and task requirements, designing and developing training and evaluations, implementing training and evaluating the effectiveness of the training programs
Assessing instructor training program effectiveness
Maintaining instructor qualification database and instructor Master Task List
Coaching instructors in all phases of SAT
Coordinating instructor Training Advisory Committee/Training Review Group (TAC/TRG)
Maintaining instructor training and qualification program In Accordance With (IAW) ACADs
Maintaining and implementing the SAT procedures that support the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluating of training
Designing, developing and implementing an instructor training program
4) Supports Accreditation activities by:
Supporting development of documents (Accreditation Self Evaluation Reports, self-assessment reports) required for the accreditation of Nuclear Training Programs
Providing guidance and support to training supervisors and instructors to ensure compliance with Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) accreditation guidelines

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