Senior Reactor Operator(SRO) Trainee

Training position to prepare a previously licensed operator to sit for the Senior Reactor Operator NRC exam.
Minimum Requirements:
High school diploma or GED. Detailed knowledge of nuclear power plant mechanical and electrical systems. Previously qualified as a licensed operator at a nuclear power plant or engineering experience or experience as a shift technical engineer and subject to the requirements of ANSI/ANS 3.1 (1978), paragraph 4.5.1. Testing requirement: POSS test.
Nuclear requirement: Any PVGS employee may be called upon to serve as a member of the Emergency Response Organization (ERO) and will be expected to fulfill their obligation as an ERO member. Any PVGS employee may be called upon to support a refueling or short-notice outage. This includes line roles and responsibilities as necessary to execute outage activities. These are a condition of employment at PVGS.
Major Accountabilities:
1) Successfully complete job related training program activities by maintaining passing grades in all subjects.
2) Perform assigned support activities related to plant operations.
3) Operate all major plant equipment under the guidance of a NRC licensed operator.
4) Maintain proficiency and awareness of plant procedures, regulations and system operations.
5) Exercise sound judgment and awareness concerning radiation hazards, and transfer and handling of radioactive material.
6) Implement station tagging and clearance procedure to ensure safe working conditions.
7) Perform other related duties as required which may include qualifying as a Shift Technical Advisor.

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