Protective Relay Technician II Team Member

Performs the installation, shakedown, testing, maintenance and repair of protection, metering, and control systems and/or equipment to ensure safe and reliable operations of the company's Nuclear Generating Station, Start-up yard, Water Reclamation Facility and Hassayampa Pump Station. May direct other technicians on the completion of projects.
Minimum Requirements:
Completion of all the minimum requirements for a Nuclear PR & C Tech I plus completion of NPR12 and one (1) year experience as Protective Relay Technician are required. Candidate must also be aggressively pursuing the PR&C OJT program. Comprehension of complex numbers, ratios and differential equations and possess an understanding of three phase power and vector applications are required. Experience with three phase test equipment and ability to simulate various combinations of voltage and current relationships for testing and fault simulations are required. Testing: EEI MASS Test administered.
Protective Relay Technician I Minimum Requirements:
High School Diploma or equivalent, completion of an approved apprenticeship or the equivalency of three years as a qualified journeyman in any of the following disciplines: Electrical, Electronics or Polyphase Meter/Relay Technician. Must meet the minimum standards set forth in ANSI/NAS 3.1 -- 1978, Selection and Training of Nuclear Power Plant Personnel. Must be able to read and comprehend electrical control schematics and wiring diagrams. Must be proficient in AC/DC electrical theory, electronic circuit fundamentals, algebra and trigonometry. Must possess basic computer skills and have the ability to comprehend and utilize various vendor software programs. Must be able to travel to and from Palo Verde, work scheduled and unscheduled overtime, rotating shifts and call outs. Testing: EEI MASS Test administered.
Nuclear requirement: Any PVGS employee may be called upon to serve as a member of the Emergency Response Organization (ERO) and will be expected to fulfill their obligation as an ERO member. This is a condition of employment at PVNGS. Roles and Responsibilities defined in Policy 1503 and implementing policy guide are applicable to all PVGS employees.
Any PVGS employee may be called upon to support a refueling or short-notice outage. This includes line roles and responsibilities as necessary to execute outage activities.
Major Accountabilities:
1) Verifies and/or modifies Engineering Design Changes to existing prints, schematics and wiring diagrams.
2) Provides protection, metering, and control technical services that are integrated with planning and operational needs.
3) Troubleshoots protection, metering, and control system failures and problems, reliably and cost effectively.
4) Maintains, calibrates and troubleshoots protective relaying, revenue metering and dispatching telemetry both real time and watt (var)-hour information.
5) Directs, coordinates and trains teams in wire verification, TTR, megger, polarity, saturation, ratio tests, secondary current injections and current, potential verifications.
6) Performs ground fault detection and location on ungrounded vital AC/DC systems.
7) Performs testing, maintenance and calibration of transformer devices including sudden fault pressure relaying and temperature control devices.
8) Obtains in-rush and running currents and event duration on various rotating plant equipment.
9) Calculates watts, Vars, VA and power factor from derived data.
10) Performs maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting of the generator excitation system, sub synchronous resonance detectors and digital fault recorders.
11) Maintains a safe and accident free environment by practicing safe working procedures and methods.
12) Completes all training and qualifications for radiological controlled access, site access, department specific and job specific qualifications.
13) Performs maintenance activities in compliance with station procedures, and with regulatory oversight from the NRC, INPO and Quality Assurance organizations.
14) Utilizes the Site Work Management System (SWMS) to close work orders, initiate CRDRs, write work mechanisms, update tasks, sign on and off of permits, check work/rework history of equipment, etc.
Preferred Qualifications:
Electrical Engineering Degree

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